We are building the world’s first fully integrated system for local and regional food that is community-based in its operations yet networked regionally and nationally for governance, learning and innovation.



Vibrant Community Life Long Education Nutritious Food

At its core Starfield Centre is about making the community it serves healthy, prosperous and vibrant. Read More


Starfield Centre is more than just a food production centre it is a multi-tiered education facility.  Read More


Starfield Centre’s overarching manadate is to create the most nutritious foods at the lowest possible prices.  Read More

Rewarding Jobs Bright Future Abundant Harvest

There are many diverse employment opportunities at Starfield Centre, for all ages and designed to fit around your lifestyle. Read More


Starfield Centre is committed to long-term sustainability and providing local communities food security.  Read More

Every farmer knows the laws of sowing and reaping:

• You reap what you plant.

• You reap later than you plant.

• You reap more than you plant.

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