Corporations should exist to benefit the communities they serve, and therefore should seek input from the people of the community and give back a portion of their profits to make at the communities better.




Starfield Centre’s governance structure includes a Core Sustainability Board (CSB) whose task it is to maintain the vision of the project as being community focused and to anticipate and assist in providing for the future needs of the community, region and economy.


A portion of the revenues from each Starfield Centre will be set aside for the allocation at the discretion of the CSB. This money can be put towards town improvement projects, recreational infrastructure, environmental initiatives, helping new businesses set up and/or any other initiatives the board members agrees should be supported.


The board has seven members and is chaired by someone from the AgSpectra board of directors. Representatives from each of these categories and the term length is 3 years with a maximum of three terms.

  • AgSpectra Board Chair Member – representing the vision
  • Regional member - representing the community stakeholders including the local economy should not be holding a public office of any kind.
  • Education member - representing the university’s stakeholders including regional K-12 stakeholders, should be an educator.
  • Work force member – representing the Starfield employees and must be an active employee.
  • Research member – representing the future applications – should be an active researcher or associate.
  • SME member – representing the small business manufacturers that supply the centre’s needs – should be either an owner or manager. Purpose is facilitate future needs and logistics.
  • Environment member – representing the regional long term environmental goals including materials, energy, and life cycles – could be member of a local environment activist group where appropriate. Example,,


Applications for the position will be made to the Starfield Board of Directors which will make the selection based on their suitability. It is assumed that a certain amount of time will needed to be dedicated to the board’s business and compensation will be appropriate.